Wednesday, March 28, 2012

say hello to my little friend!

welp, it's official. we're done! I had a good last workout last night and trust me
I'm feelin it today. even tho our immersion is over, I'm still going to keep at it
because it has given me so many benefits! I hope everyone had fun with
their projects and learned something about themselves & how to push yourself
through challenging and demanding times.

great job everyone!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

if you're having a crappy day, click me!

Don't lie to me and say you didn't just smile....I know you did (:
I just thought we all might need a little stress relief cause our papers are almost due!
I feel great again today, energy wise and motivation wise! I'm studying hard for
a test I have tomorrow and am crediting my enthusiasm to my workouts for the
past month, so I thought I'd blog and share that (: Also, that pig is far too adorable
to be locked up unseen on the internet. Hope everyone's enjoying their last immersion
day! I will be posting a special video tomorrow once we are officially done. Stick around!(:

Monday, March 26, 2012

harder, better, faster, stronger

Just got back from a workout! I felt so good going into it today, and I'm feeling even better
coming out of it. I'm gonna be sore as hell tomorrow though, cause I really pushed it today.
How was your second to last day of the immersion? (:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm so in love

with this immersion! see details below: [=

After admitting my laziness, I cannot wait to get started again on
my Monday-Thursday workout tomorrow! Also, I no longer have classes on
Tuesdays and Thursdays so I might even start going twice a day? Don't
quote me, though! I'm definitely going to keep going after this immersion tho.
Is anyone else super thankful for this project? I'm seriously loving it! I feel
like I've learned so much about myself and my overall health and what needs
to be improved, changed, etc. I've also noticed I haven't wanted pop as much
as I usually did before this project. I don't know if there's a correlation or if it's
just me wanting to feel healthier on top of my workout. But I really am glad we got
this assignment. It's different & helpful I think!

Anyone else agree? (:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

slack city

mann I have been sucking at working out this week. I was doing well until this last week.
I think I'm going to keep up working out frequently tho even after this immersion,
because I love working out. When I do it, I feel so much better in every way, so I don't
know why I was such a bum this week. I worked out twice..... booooo claire.
so for all of you exercisers out there about to give up, DON'T! here's another motivational
song that I wish I had worked out to this week! (:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"how long are you gonna workout?" ...."til I'm not pissed off anymore."

once again, working out proves to be a wonderful remedy for the angered souls out there!
I was soo annoyed and angry yesterday and felt sort of betrayed, so working out
with my best friend was great. she could tell that I was in a bad mood and I told her that I
wouldn't stop until I no longer felt bad....I did and felt great after(:

I didn't swim yesterday, but I did 6 miles on the stationary bike and then I did some
tumbling for a little while after. Since I've been swimming a lot and the water sweeps the
sweat away, I forgot what it felt like to literally drip sweat! I mean, that's gross, but it's
a good feeling knowing you're kicking your own butt! (:

I was expecting to feel energized today after such a great workout, but I'm feeling pretty
tired. However, I forgot to take my vitamin that I take everyday, so that's probably why.
I'm still seeing GREAT results in my energy levels in the days after I workout!

I'm going to do the bike & tumble again today! hopefully I'll feel energized tomorrow!

here's a great "get going" workout song: 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

found the secret to killer abs

not that I have them yet...but boy did I find out how to get them!
yesterday when I was swimming I did a few sets of dolphin kick
just on my back with my hands in streamline position above my head
and hoooly cow did it burn my thighs and abs. it was a good burn,
because I knew it was seriously working. If you like to swim and
wanna learn more about dolphin kick if you don't know how to do
it, let me know. it's seriously the best workout for the hardest areas
to tone!

second of all, I feel so energetic today. the past week I haven't worked
out and I was feeling super lazy and tired. I also noticed that when I
don't work out, not only am I tired, but I'm completely unmotivated
for the whole day. as a busy college student, lack of motivation and stamina
is NOT on my a-list. so, my theory has been proven correct for the second time!
I feel like I might actually enjoy writing this paper because of the results
I'm's sort of exciting (:

so yesterday was my first day back in the pool and I focused a lot on legs &
kicking with the kick board. I can feel my leg muscle building up! wahoooo
& then as I said, dolphin kick rocked my world yesterday. I don't know
if I'll have time to workout tonight, but if I do it'll be non-water related.
I'll report back if I do workout tonight! peace!(:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

you can't spell fail without "I"

ugh so I was bad over break :( I only swam one day. so it was bad
that I didn't work out, but it DID prove my theory that exercise is crucial
for energy production because I was really tired the whole week. so, I'll
have to include that in my research analysis. but I'm starting back up my
usual swimming tomorrow! so I will report back (:

hope everyone had a great break! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

not so spring break...

hey everyone!(: so, over break I'll still be swimming! I'm revisiting my high school pool
to get my workout in. I don't workout Fridays, but I usually do Saturdays and had to 
skip this weeks b/c my high school pool isn't open on weekends:( SOOOO, tomorrow I'll begin 
again with my long week of swimming! My muscles were starting to get used to the pain, but
after not swimming for 3 days...I'll probably begin again with pain. Unfortunately, it is 
very very easy to get out of swimming shape, so hopefully I won't be in too much pain after
a 3 day rest. But my energy is improving I've noticed. The other day, I went to nap and
I had a hard time falling asleep. I felt very restless. Although it was annoying at the time,
I guess it's good that I'm seeing the results I wanted! 

Incase anyone's wondering, what I mean by "swimming," here's what I've been doing:
I swim a 100 warm-up, then alternate with kicking with the kick board & pulling with pull buoys.
So, basically swimming a few lengths without using my legs and then swimming a few lengths without using my arms. In between there, I swim sets of 100 free & breast stroke. I also do dolphin kick to strengthen my abs.

SInce I'm just getting back into swimming after about 8 months, I'm starting off slow. Many swimmers jump right back in with extreme workouts, but since I'm not swimming meets and don't have some sort of speed goal in mind, I'm starting slower so I don't wear myself out. I'm simply trying to get in a good workout to boost my energy(: I've been doing more intense sprints instead of long distances. Eventually, once I'm back in shape I'll hopefully be able to swim distance with speed. You'll notice that my sets become longer in the next few weeks, but for now they're short sets of about 100 yards with medium speed kicking or pulling. 

I'll report back Tuesday morning about how my Monday workout felt!(: 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

wanna get a hot bod AND hit on at the same time?

Visit Lewellen Pool.....hahahah, interesting swim today...

Anyways, oh my gosh I feel soo good today! I had some foot and calf cramps, but
as far as energy, I am a MACHINE. I didn't even nap(:
Trust me, that's a huge deal for me to not nap. You will probably never understand.
I'm really enjoying this whole workout thing. I love swimming and though I'm
really out of swim shape (and in general, haha) I'm enjoying the pain; I know I'm accomplishing something. I'm taking a break for tomorrow cause it's Friday...let's be realistic here.
But I will be back to blog on Saturday!

+ tip for anyone who's doing a workout plan and is needing motivation: bring a friend! it makes it a much better experience and nothing compares to the motivation b/c they're doing the same thing!(:

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

just keep swimming! just keep swimming!

alright, I'm sore.
I couldn't' work out on Monday cause I was feeling sick :(
BUT I did yesterday(: my workout that I'm mostly doing is
swimming. I'm feeling sore today and actually pretty tired
because I haven't worked out in a while so starting up
again, especially swimming is tiring me out, but I expected this!
I don't expect to really feel more energized until about a week or
so into it. My body needs time to adjust; so I'm expected feeling
worn down in the beginning. I'm swimming again tonight &
will report back tomorrow! (:

Friday, February 24, 2012

hello there(:

Follow my blog as I exercise for 30 days attempting to get energy that I surely don't have right now as a college student! Maybe my tactics can work for you as well! Everytime I exercise, I'll let you know what I did, for how long, & how I feel after. More importantly, I'll let you know how I feel the next day. Stick around!(: