Wednesday, February 29, 2012

just keep swimming! just keep swimming!

alright, I'm sore.
I couldn't' work out on Monday cause I was feeling sick :(
BUT I did yesterday(: my workout that I'm mostly doing is
swimming. I'm feeling sore today and actually pretty tired
because I haven't worked out in a while so starting up
again, especially swimming is tiring me out, but I expected this!
I don't expect to really feel more energized until about a week or
so into it. My body needs time to adjust; so I'm expected feeling
worn down in the beginning. I'm swimming again tonight &
will report back tomorrow! (:

Friday, February 24, 2012

hello there(:

Follow my blog as I exercise for 30 days attempting to get energy that I surely don't have right now as a college student! Maybe my tactics can work for you as well! Everytime I exercise, I'll let you know what I did, for how long, & how I feel after. More importantly, I'll let you know how I feel the next day. Stick around!(: