Wednesday, March 14, 2012

found the secret to killer abs

not that I have them yet...but boy did I find out how to get them!
yesterday when I was swimming I did a few sets of dolphin kick
just on my back with my hands in streamline position above my head
and hoooly cow did it burn my thighs and abs. it was a good burn,
because I knew it was seriously working. If you like to swim and
wanna learn more about dolphin kick if you don't know how to do
it, let me know. it's seriously the best workout for the hardest areas
to tone!

second of all, I feel so energetic today. the past week I haven't worked
out and I was feeling super lazy and tired. I also noticed that when I
don't work out, not only am I tired, but I'm completely unmotivated
for the whole day. as a busy college student, lack of motivation and stamina
is NOT on my a-list. so, my theory has been proven correct for the second time!
I feel like I might actually enjoy writing this paper because of the results
I'm's sort of exciting (:

so yesterday was my first day back in the pool and I focused a lot on legs &
kicking with the kick board. I can feel my leg muscle building up! wahoooo
& then as I said, dolphin kick rocked my world yesterday. I don't know
if I'll have time to workout tonight, but if I do it'll be non-water related.
I'll report back if I do workout tonight! peace!(:


  1. Yesterday I went swimming, and I did some dolphin kicks! It definitely burned my thighs and abs, as well. Thanks for the tip!

  2. awesome! so glad I could help someone(: it's intense that's for sure!