Thursday, March 1, 2012

wanna get a hot bod AND hit on at the same time?

Visit Lewellen Pool.....hahahah, interesting swim today...

Anyways, oh my gosh I feel soo good today! I had some foot and calf cramps, but
as far as energy, I am a MACHINE. I didn't even nap(:
Trust me, that's a huge deal for me to not nap. You will probably never understand.
I'm really enjoying this whole workout thing. I love swimming and though I'm
really out of swim shape (and in general, haha) I'm enjoying the pain; I know I'm accomplishing something. I'm taking a break for tomorrow cause it's Friday...let's be realistic here.
But I will be back to blog on Saturday!

+ tip for anyone who's doing a workout plan and is needing motivation: bring a friend! it makes it a much better experience and nothing compares to the motivation b/c they're doing the same thing!(:

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