Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"how long are you gonna workout?" ...."til I'm not pissed off anymore."

once again, working out proves to be a wonderful remedy for the angered souls out there!
I was soo annoyed and angry yesterday and felt sort of betrayed, so working out
with my best friend was great. she could tell that I was in a bad mood and I told her that I
wouldn't stop until I no longer felt bad....I did and felt great after(:

I didn't swim yesterday, but I did 6 miles on the stationary bike and then I did some
tumbling for a little while after. Since I've been swimming a lot and the water sweeps the
sweat away, I forgot what it felt like to literally drip sweat! I mean, that's gross, but it's
a good feeling knowing you're kicking your own butt! (:

I was expecting to feel energized today after such a great workout, but I'm feeling pretty
tired. However, I forgot to take my vitamin that I take everyday, so that's probably why.
I'm still seeing GREAT results in my energy levels in the days after I workout!

I'm going to do the bike & tumble again today! hopefully I'll feel energized tomorrow!

here's a great "get going" workout song: 

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  1. your title of this post made me laugh! that is exactly how I feel at times, though. the song suggestion at the end is a good idea too. :)