Sunday, March 4, 2012

not so spring break...

hey everyone!(: so, over break I'll still be swimming! I'm revisiting my high school pool
to get my workout in. I don't workout Fridays, but I usually do Saturdays and had to 
skip this weeks b/c my high school pool isn't open on weekends:( SOOOO, tomorrow I'll begin 
again with my long week of swimming! My muscles were starting to get used to the pain, but
after not swimming for 3 days...I'll probably begin again with pain. Unfortunately, it is 
very very easy to get out of swimming shape, so hopefully I won't be in too much pain after
a 3 day rest. But my energy is improving I've noticed. The other day, I went to nap and
I had a hard time falling asleep. I felt very restless. Although it was annoying at the time,
I guess it's good that I'm seeing the results I wanted! 

Incase anyone's wondering, what I mean by "swimming," here's what I've been doing:
I swim a 100 warm-up, then alternate with kicking with the kick board & pulling with pull buoys.
So, basically swimming a few lengths without using my legs and then swimming a few lengths without using my arms. In between there, I swim sets of 100 free & breast stroke. I also do dolphin kick to strengthen my abs.

SInce I'm just getting back into swimming after about 8 months, I'm starting off slow. Many swimmers jump right back in with extreme workouts, but since I'm not swimming meets and don't have some sort of speed goal in mind, I'm starting slower so I don't wear myself out. I'm simply trying to get in a good workout to boost my energy(: I've been doing more intense sprints instead of long distances. Eventually, once I'm back in shape I'll hopefully be able to swim distance with speed. You'll notice that my sets become longer in the next few weeks, but for now they're short sets of about 100 yards with medium speed kicking or pulling. 

I'll report back Tuesday morning about how my Monday workout felt!(: 

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